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Christina Banaga

Over 15 years of experience in top producing sales, mortgage lending, management, and executive coaching, has made Christina Banaga one of the top real estate professionals in the Inland Empire and San Diego areas. She has successfully assisted buyers, sellers and real estate professions in navigating the real estate waters of the last 15 years. The combined experience of all the different facets of the business have proven to give her PRICELESS levels of knowledge that continue to assist buyers, sellers and agents across the entire nation and well into this new decade.

For TODAY’s buyers and sellers the real estate market can be concerning. Understanding what is really going on in each market is critical for a consumer to make an educated decision on what to do in the best interest of themselves and their families. Helping people understand the greater details of the market is one of her unique talents. Teaching buyers to position themselves to make great purchases and help sellers understand how to actually sell a property vs. just list it is a deep routed passion of Christina’s. She has combined those passions to form The Christina Banaga Real Estate Group of Inland Empire to ensure that together she and her partner can continue to better serve more consumers into the next decade. The Christina Banaga Real Estate Group also services national banks with listing and selling in house assets in a much more co creative way than most other agents creating a better experience for both the banks and the consumers.

Using the experience from her top producing work in sales, Christina also successfully teaches hundreds of agents on how to use best practice skills, systems and structures to develop phenomenal sales practices. Throughout her experience she has written and coaches’ agents on step by step systems that allow professionals to be better business owners who actually grow a profitable and duplicatable real estate practice vs. just “sell homes”. Through those teachings many agents have doubled and tripled their business in less than 12 months. The trainings on mental mindset that she has studied over the last two decades allow her to help professionals keep their eye on the goal and their mind attached to the vision. The uniqueness of her self-studying is that it allows her to better serve her family, co agents, buyers and sellers collectively.

Christina also works as a trainer for Prudential California Realty. She became a co-developer of the New Market:New Buyers program, training real estate agents to better adjust to new trends in the real estate market and how to better serve the buyers in the process. She is also the developer of Running your Business like a CEO once again helping real estate agents to reach their full potential.

The passion that Christina has for the entire industry is clear in her dedication to all facets of it over the last 15 years. She also has the blessing of raising two incredible children who each foster passions for living the very best life possible and bless her daily with their love, humor and drive! Her dedication to her children is her very “WHY” in life.

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